Friday, March 25, 2011

The play of our plants and global warming

In the early morning when no one is up
All the plants get out of bed,
and say to each other 'wassup'
Then they take a shower
under a leaf of dew
Some of them don't
but most of them do
They are now shiny and squeaky clean
They are all nice, but some are mean
Their flowers have a colour so deep and so sweet
and also a fragrance that you would like to eat!

But then us humans start our own work,
and the little plants cannot play with the Earth!
The humans just pollute so much, that one by one all
the plants turn into dust. So soon
you hear factories and electric plants
all of them chanting their own weird chants.
Then soon as you probably know
It will start to snow.

It is high time we STOP GLOBAL WARMING
So, PLEASE PLEASE let out the warning.

Malini 2009

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