Friday, March 25, 2011

29 July 1856

The hill behind my house has a hole as small as a mouse.
A mouse couldn't fit in there and definitely not a bear.
But I know it is old because
I have seen pieces of gold and scraps and bits of hair!

There is a load of moss but not a bit of floss,
because no one had ever been there.
There are maniquins still fair,
of which many are in pairs.
And as I dig, I fins some rotten figs,
with the smell of pigs
and poo.

Finally I find something new,
a chest. And then my heart beats loudly
and I am tense, did you know?
For I am shivering my best.

Now I have to put my brain to the test,
to find out what is there in this STUPID CHEST!

Malini 2009

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