Sunday, October 24, 2010

My grandparents

My best friends are my grandparents

Who are awesome and great

My best friends are my grandparents

Whose love is difficult to rate

My grandmother is so jolly and kind

I do not know what she is behind

My grandfather is quiet and watches cricket

When someone’s out, he shouts, “wicket!”

Both my grandparents, so awesome and great

Whose love is really difficult to rate.

Malini Siruguri (2010)


You and I are singing

And making people happy

Bhoopali, Yaman, Kaphi and Des

Now we are lighting up the place

We have learnt for many days

Alaap, thaan in many ways

Seven notes in Hindustani

Sa, re, ga, ma, pa, dha, ni

I have just one more thing to say…


Malini Siruguri (10 years)
Read out at Vasavi College of Music and Dance
Painting: Ragini Siruguri

To an ant

To an ant, my dining table would be the Grand Canyon,
and a big soft towel would look like a Banyan.
My plate would be like a football field
and a pot of plants would be a great crop yield.
A puddle of water would be a swimming pool
and my lap, a mountain, now isn't that cool?

An ant would travel from here to there,
from India to America and absolutely no fare!
Think of all the strange things an ant might see
To see a crumb of toast, how happy the ant would be!
It'll walk up to the crumb, boldly without fear,
Thinking to itself, boy, that food'll last me a year!

Copyright: Malini Siruguri 2010

A collection of poems by my daughter, Malini

I had to start this blog. Maloo writes a lot, and has been writing a poem every other day. She has a great imagination and the words too, and many a time, she sets music to her poems, and plays them on her keyboard, singing along.

Not having some of these skills myself, I feel very impressed by her work. Knowing that this could be a phase, I feel I must put them all in one place, and hence this blog.

I hope this is not a phase, and that she keeps writing/singing.

I will put up Maloo's poems as she writes them. Those of you who see them, happy reading!

Sadhana Ramchander