Friday, March 25, 2011

Fervenly in lonely Avonley

Page 1
In the lonely world
of Avonley, where the
streets are very dim,
There lives a ghost named
Fervenly, who many a time does a sin. When he was
a boy, a living, living boy,
a bad boy names Collin,
He was turned into a ghost
for all his wicked sins!
"Mice in the tea! Frogs in the bathtub! Lizards in the curds! EW!
Oh Fervenley, you are the worst
ghost I ever knew.

Why, please don't think I have finished
I continue on the next page hoo hoo hoo!

Page 2
So he lives in a toilet,
a public one that is, And
he is married to a ghost, a
ghost named Millizz! They
both scare people, scare them
to death. They scare you and scare
you till you just stop your breath.
So they're called "the spooky
couple". Though they're really
kind of lovable, as long as they
don't touch me. I'm feeling
like a devil, like my friend
Neville from Wizardry.
I feel a little creepy and a bit sleepy too.

"Gasp, sputter" EEEEOOOO!

Malini 2009

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